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Melody Robinson Wright

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I'm running out of steam.. someone tell me I can't so that I can show you how much I can Outspoken, motiviated, determined, young women on the rise who will not stop until the mountains peak I've reached. I love the fact that I'm not a statistic, I graduated college and I've never been pregnant. I got a job 2 months after graduation within my field. I don't live at home with my parents. I've never smoked weed and yes I do tip. It's hard living among all the socioeconimical standards that society has placed on us why should I check that I am "black" or "AFrican American" when the color of my skin is brown and I wasn't born in Africa. Why is it that credit card companies feel that if they raise my limit on my credit card that I am going to spend more?? I've opened my eyes to the traps that life has placed before me..education is the key. Are you educated??